ObjectDCL Runtime Extension

Make your tools be alive with the ObjectDCL Runtime Extension !

The ObjectDCL Dialog Editor must be used to create and maintain dialog projects.
The Extension module gives life to the dialogs by offering a rich API for all LISP and offers support for a variety of event handlers.

The module can be distributed in all LISP applications. The installation package can be executed silently.
No license is necessary for third-party users buying or utilizing such applications, granted that ObjectDCL projects are signed using the ObjectDCL Distribution Kit.

Otherwise, licensing of ObjectDCL Runtime Extension is suited for:

-Small engineering and consulting companies
-Team of application and solutions developers for large companies
-CAD solutions developer companies
-Education centers

As it is not necessary to sign a project to test, drastically reducing coding cycles.

With this runtime extension, all your lisp tool will reach a new level of quality and design.