DuctiSoft Inc

About Us

DuctiSoft Inc is the company behind the next evolutionary cycle for ObjectDCL™. It is also an innovation powerhouse for productivity tools designed for the CAD environment.
Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and promote ObjectDCL™ as a world class development platform for building tools dedicated to the CAD environment that provide productivity gains.
Company Overview

DuctiSoft Inc is a privately held company located in Canada. DuctiSoft has a team of dedicated professionals from diverse background that are proud to help other organizations become more responsive to an increasingly competitive global environment.
Our main product counts over a thousand individuals and their corporation in several countries, including the USA, Germany, France, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Australia and Colombia.
Our products are actively used by small and large businesses and educational institutions. For profit organizations range from wholesalers, component manufacturers, software makers, engineering, consulting and construction companies.
Our company will augment its product portfolio with a number of productivity applications built using ObjectDCL™ technology.

Andrea Andreetti
President DuctiSoft inc.
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