What is OVLIDE ?
OVLIDE is an Online LISP code Editor for CAD platform. (Online VLIDE)

Why a new LISP editor ?
In AutoCAD, VLISP or VLIDE command allow to use internal LISP IDE. However, users need AutoCAD to use it. So this new idea comes when I had big project to work with partners, and then need to share source code files. Moreover, OVLIDE will offer new possibilities that current VLIDE do not and can be linked to the user CAD platform to load function, variables etc,...allowing programmer to test their code directly no matter wich CAD software you are using,....AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ZwCAD, NanoCAD etc...function to retreive command and value, parenthese checker, color management, function to compile code will also be implemented in the future,...etc..   Also, you ensure at the same time to have a backup of your project.

Where I can use OVLIDE ?
OVLIDE is actually under construction, the first release will be out shortly,....don't miss it !

There is some screeshots: