Product Purchase

ObjectDCL technology is offered in three components to suit various contexts. The editor is free of charge. The ObjectDCL Runtime Extension is seat-based licensed. The licenses can be purchased individually or in packages. The distribution kit is an annual renewable license, which allows operating ObjectDCL-based products without purchasing additional licenses for the ObjectDCL Runtime Extension.

DuctiSoft also provides other means of payment. See below for details.
ObjectDCL Runtime Extension

Buy seat-based licenses enables loading and running any Object
DCL project without restriction. It is limited to a single developer or user and cannot serve for concurrent use.

* Maintenance Program will prevent to purchase new licenses when CAD software require an upgrade.
Maintenance program:*
Available packages:
ObjectDCL AutoCADŽ Distribution Kit

Buy an annual subscription for unlimited royalty-free distribution.
This license enables signing any of ObjectDCL project without restriction. A signed project can operate without the purchase of additional licenses for the ObjectDCL Runtime Extension.

This package does not include licences for ObjectDCL ARX. Separate licenses may be required for application developers.
ObjectDCL Distribution Kit:
Annual fee
$495.95 CAD