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What is ObjectDCL?

DCLis an enabling technology that allows drawing dialog boxes in CAD software, easily and with more control than ever before. Configuration tabs can even be added to the CAD software Options/Preferences dialog.

With Object
DCL, the days of creating dialog boxes with the time consuming and confusing language of DCL are over. From now on dialogs are drawn quicker, easier and better. ObjectDCLprovides more visual components and more customization options than were possible before with DCL.
What once took hours or even days to create can now be drawn in minutes. Object
DCLincludes all the dialog box styles and all the grid controls.

Why using Object
Increase the rate of adoption of your scripted applications by making them more accessible. Save time developing your applications by simplifying dialog creation and management. Make your scripted applications more interactive.
The return on investment (ROI) in less than 6 months for companies with five (5) or more technical drafters.
We invite you to read a short document on advantages using Object
DCLfor more details.

Below, some screenshot of the Object
DCL Editor:
The Editor will allow you to create dialog boxes easely by selecting your cotrol and insert them in a simple mouse click.
Z /tab Order panel allow you to manage the order of the control visibility. To front or to back, you can view quickly all control of your dialog.
Properties panel. Is a quick and easy way to change properties of each control and activate all desired events.
The ToolBox panel show you all control available to use for your dialog box.
With the Project panel, you can select and activate your dialog and see your entire project.
Logs and Problems panel, will tell you if some eavent is already used or not used at all. It will generate some error report.
On-line Help
DCL has a complete software development kit (SDK) on-line help for its application programming interface (API). It is the most complete reference to date for CAD dialogs technologies. Visit the support page or access directly the on-line help.

Intelligent Help
DCL provides an intelligent built-in help system that provides contextual information about a dialog box or a control.

Easy to use
With it Drag&Drop interface, Object
DCL is easy to use and creates dialogs effortlessly.
Who are on board
Our clients belong to a range of industries. The biggest sector is engineering, counting for 31 % of the customer base. Next we find architecture firms and marketing and design compagnies at 14 %. The sectors of telecommunications, construction and software are of similar proportion, around 9 %. Finally, the last but not least, the educational sector, at 5 %.

DCL has a presence in every industry where some CAD software can be found, and every strata of business sizes. Small businesses account for 42.9 % of ObjectDCL user base, mainly specialized engineering firms. Medium businesses account for 23.7 % and large businesses, including public companies, for 14.8 %. Freelancers also occupy a spot, coming at 18.6 %.
ObjectDCL is also an international business, with customers in major markets around the world. Latin countries are particularly active, as well as anglo-saxon countries.
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